Parthenope’s novel: P.Berol. 7927 + 9588 + 21179, II column revisited


  • María Paz López Martínez
  • Consuelo Ruiz-Montero



Our aim is to provide a new edition with translation and commentary of the second  column of P. Berol. 7927 + 9588 + 21179, corresponding to the so-called Parthenope’s Novel. The first column was also edited by us in The Journal of Juristic Papyrology 28(2016), pp. 235–50. The original, perhaps one of the first Greek novels, produced a long and complex tradition with versions in prose and verse and a Christian martyrology, and was translated into different languages (Greek, Arab, Persian and Coptic). Although our text is badly preserved and difficult to read, we offer new proposals of reading that allow a better understanding of the novel and its rich literary context.

Author Biographies

María Paz López Martínez

María Paz López Martínez studied Classical Philology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is Senior Lecturer of Greek Philology at the Universidad de Alicante. In 1993 she defended her PhD thesis (Fragmentos papiráceos de novela Griega, published in 1998). Her main field of research are the papyri of lost Greek novels. She has also worked on Herculaneum papyri and she has been Coordinator of a research project about Philodemus of Gadara. She has published several articles and chapters of collective books about other specific topics including Synesius, Hypatia, Greek tragedy and classical reception. She has translated ancient Greek theatre into Spanish and all her versions have been staged. She is currently co-editing a volume focused on The Reality of Women in the Universe of the Ancient Novel (John Benjamins, Amsterdam 2021) and she is also preparing a new critical edition of the papyrological fragments of lost Greek novels for the Bibliotheca Teubneriana (Eroticorum graecorum fragmenta in papyris membranisve reperta).

Consuelo Ruiz-Montero

Consuelo Ruiz-Montero studied Classical Philology at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and holds a PhD from the Universidad de Salamanca (1979). She is currently Professor of Greek Philology at the Universidad de Murcia. Her research interests include Greek rhetoric, koine Greek, and the Greek novel, her main field of research, on which she has published two books (La estructura de la novela griega. Análisis funcional, Salamanca 1988, and La novela griega, Madrid 2006), and many chapters and articles on the different aspects of the genre. In the last years she is specially focused on the study of the papyri of the Greek novel. Currently she is also very interested in the circulation of the texts in the Roman Empire, and she is the editor of Aspects of Orality and Greek Literature in the Roman Empire, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2019.


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