The early modern transmission of the ancient Greek romances: a bibliographic survey


  • Kirsten Ricquier



This contribution offers a new, critical bibliography of translations and editions of the five extant Greek romances in the early modern era, from the beginning of printing to the eighteenth century. By consulting catalogues of libraries, digitalised copies, and secondary literature, I expand, update and correct earlier bibliographies. I identify alleged editions and include creative treatments of the texts as well as incomplete versions. As an interpretation of my survey, I give an overview of broad, changing tendencies throughout the era and filter the dispersion over Europe in a wider area and period than was available so far, in order to get a more complete picture of their distribution. Furthermore, I point to some peculiar (tendencies in) combinations, among the lemmata themselves, as well as with other stories.

Kirsten Ricquier studied Classical Philology at Ghent University (Belgium). She is currently a researcher at this institution funded by the European Research Council Starting Grant Novel Saints under the supervision of Professor Koen De Temmerman. Her research concerns the afterlife of ancient prose fiction in medieval Greek hagiography and the early modern era, the classical tradition (particularly in the long 18th century), and genre theory.