Petronsupplemente von 1585 bis 2005: Eine Ergänzungsgeschichte der Satyrica


  • Thomas Tschögele


Fascinating but fragmentary, the Satyrica of Petronius seem to have inspired more attempts at supplementation than any other work of ancient literature. The article follows these attempts over a period of 420 years, providing a complete survey of modern supplements to Petronius, well-known or practically unknown, written in Latin or in other languages. From Jean Richard’s modest filling of lacunae in 1585 to Andrew Dalby’s epilogue of 2005, it discusses eleven projects that involve a broad variety of approaches. While the most frequent has been to create a continuous narrative by closing the gaps between the authentic fragments, there have also been supplements representing earlier or later parts of the story as well as two novels incorporating adapted versions of the surviving parts of the Satyrica.

Thomas Tschögele is currently a graduate student of Latin at the University of Vienna. His interests include both the Roman novel and Neo-Latin literature.