Part II Petronius and Others

The True Nature of the Satyricon?


  • Andrew Laird


This paper considers the Satyrica in relation to the developing history of Greek prose fiction, highlighting some problems presented by a panoramic view of Greco-Roman literary history for interpretation of this work. The aim of this discussion is not to argue firmly for a later period of composition for the Satyrica, but to highlight the fact that its date has not yet been prop­erly settled. This awkward question cannot but bear on the way in which the work is viewed in relation to a constellation of potential Greek influences and sources. 

Andrew Laird is Reader in Classical Literature in Warwick University. He has published widely on Latin prose fiction and is co-editor of A Companion to the Prologue of Apuleius' Metamorphoses (OUP 2001). He is author of Powers of Expression, Expressions of Power (OUP 1999) and The Epic of America (Duckworth 2006).





Part II Petronius and Others