Der Prolog der Metamorphosen des Apuleius als Spiegel des Gesamtwerkes

  • Alexander Häussler


The present study aims to analyse the prologue to Apuleius’s Metamor-phoses from three points of view:

First, it is supposed to demonstrate how two diverging traditional ways of introducing a text are juxtaposed in order to a achieve a parodistic effect.

The vocis immutatio mentioned by the narrator is accordingly interpreted as a change of the speaker’s attitude, which allows of a tripartition of the text.

This tripartition of the prologue is subsequently corroborated in terms of the narratological model designed by G. Genette and J. Lintvelt, as well as by means of a semantic analysis

Thereby, the prologue is shown to structurally anticipate the narrative (récit) following it.