Call for Papers Leuven Conference: The Tale of Two Traditions. Roman Culture and Ancient Greek Narratives under the Principate


Call for Papers

The Tale of Two Traditions. Roman Culture and Ancient Greek Narratives under the Principate

International workshop at Ghent University, Thursday 28th – Friday 29th May 2020.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 29/02/2020.

Confirmed speakers include: Dr. Romain Brethes (Paris, AnHiMa); Dr. Casper de Jonge (Leiden); Dr. Daniel Jolowicz (King’s College London).

Ancient imperial Greek narrative literature, in a wide variety of genres (fables, novels, epic poetry, historiography, biography, etc.), has been shown to be a product of its rhetorical, philosophical, and linguistic environments. It also is in dialogue with other genres (such as New Comedy, elegy and epigrams, to name just a few), and is impacted by complex processes not only of intercultural connections and education, but also of literary self-awareness and representations of otherness. While many studies have concentrated on the way Greek imperial narrative absorbs preceding Greek and eastern traditions, less systematic attention has been paid to how it uses, addresses or confronts preceding Latin traditions.

This conference sets out to explore ways in which Greek narrative responds to or engages with Latin literature and culture at large. By studying cases of Latin interactions within ancient Greek narrative under the Principate, the conference seeks not only to improve our understanding of Greek-Latin overlaps in general, but also to find new ways of conceptualising this corpus in particular. More specifically, we aim 1. to discussing new methodological tools concerning reception; 2. to situate Greek works in their intellectual, bilingual and multicultural environment; 3. to account for the conspicuous absences of Rome from certain Greek productions under the Principate and investigate the notion of cultural identity. We invite abstracts that address these topics.

If you are interested in contributing to this conference, please send an abstract (ca 200 words) in either English or French together with a short CV stating your affiliation and current occupation to olivier.demerre@ugent.beno later than 29/02/2020. We will send out confirmations about acceptance by 20/03/2020.

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