9th Rethymnon International Conference on the Ancient Novel


9th Rethymnon International Conference on the Ancient Novel
“Body and Text in the Ancient Novel”
9-11 OCTOBER 2019, XENIA


17:30 Registration and Welcome Speeches

18:00-20:30 Session 1

Stephen Trzaskoma (New Hampshire)
“‘With the tidings of evil on his face’: (mis)reading the body, (mis)reading the novel”

Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis (St. Andrews)
“Fragmented bodies in the Greek novel: assault, body modification and Leukippe’s prosthetic stomach”

Coffee Break

Ryan Franklin (Johns Hopkins)
“The Homeric anatomy of heroines and Greek novels”

Giuseppe Zanetto (Milan)
“Novel as anatomy: physicality in Achilles Tatius”


10:00-12.45 Session 2

Anna Lefteratou (Heidelberg)
“Undress her with your eyes! Female nudity in Greek fiction”

T. Joseph MacDonald, III (Washington Univ., St. Louis)
“Identity and integrity: the bodies of Leucippe”

Coffee Break

Rachel Bird (Swansea)
“The Greek novel: voyeurism, sophrosyne, and heroines as text”

Michael Paschalis (Crete)
“Persinna: passive body or voyeur?”

17:30-20:15 Session 3

Olivier Demerre (Gent)
“Catching bodies, catching texts: Longus and Ovid on hunting”

Benedek Kruchió (Cambridge)
“A body and a text: Thisbe’s letter (Hld. 2.10-11) and Socrates’s critique of writing in the Phaedrus

Coffee Break

Ian Repath (Swansea)
“Cleitophon and the phoenix: revelation, authenticity, and reliability”

Nicolò d’Alconzo (Exeter)
“Of giraffes and men”


10:00-12:45 Session 4

Karen ní Mheallaigh (Exeter)
“Body and text: the imaginary/menagerie of Lucian’s True Stories”

Anna Athanasopoulou (Cambridge)
“Enargeia, sex, and the body in the Onos

Coffee Break

Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser (Göttingen)
tempta modo tangere corpus! (Petr. 126,5): beautiful Circe between sex and sanctity”

Eva Gemenetzi (Crete)
“Written bodies and embodied texts in Petr. Sat. 100-110”

17:30-20:15 Session 5

Leonardo Costantini (Freiburg)
“The dramatic effect of bodily violation during the Festival of Laughter (Apul. Met. 3,1-11)”

Geoffrey Benson (Colgate University)
“Ghostly bodies, Platonic allegory, and the spectral quality of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses

Coffee Break

Paula James (Open University)
“The gift of asininity/anonymity and the reader wrong-footed”

Evelyn Adkins (Case Western Reserve University)
“Mastery over body and text: Lucius, Photis, and Isis"