Barefaced Greek


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--- Greetings from Barefaced Greek!

We're a UK-based production company and we make smart, sexy short films using excerpts from Greek tragedy in the original language. (We then add subtitles, so that as many people can enjoy them as possible!)

You can watch all our releases for free on Youtube or via our website, where there's also a gallery of making-of photos for you to check out. Each of our films is shorter than 15 minutes, making them the perfect way to wrap up a Classics lesson or to add a shot of Ancient Greek to your coffee break!

So far we've filmed extracts from Aeschylus, Aristophanes and Euripides and we have big plans for the future (including increasing the number of languages our subtitles are available in). If you'd like to keep up to date with us, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

I'd also be very grateful if you could spread the word to your members and anyone else you think might be interested in some brand new Ancient Greek drama!


Daisey Friend
Production & Fundraising Assistant, Barefaced Greek


The website address is

At the bottom of the Homepage is a link to the Youtube channel: