We have just published a new article and a new issue of PSN


We have Just published this article:

La Troiae Halosis: l’ecfrasi del maestro e del poeta (Sat. 89, vv. 1-65)
By Laura Giancola

Visit the Ancient Narrative website at https://ancientnarrative.com to view and/or download the article.

We have also just published Petronian Society Newsletter 46 (PSN 46)!

This and following issues of PSN will be published on the new PSN website at https://ugp.rug.nl/psn.  There is also a direct link to the new PSN issue in the Archives of the Ancient Narrative website at https://ancientnarrative.com/issue/archive. 

All previous issues of PSN, starting from the very first issue, will be transferred to this new website at https://ugp.rug.nl/psn. This will take some time, and we will keep you updated on our progress.